Holistic Fitness programs are provided by the world’s best coaches, who work exclusively with you.

We deliver quality Holistic Fitness programs as we are extremely serious about you ascending to Your Next Level of Health, Body Composition and Performance. Our multidisciplinary approach will ensure that you master basic movement skills whilst laying the foundations for more impressive feats of athletic ability. The result? An energised, focused, stronger and leaner version of you.

Empowering you to move better, sharpen your focus and enjoy lean and strong physiques is the name of the game.

The most driven individuals swear by Holistic Motions and are joined in their pursuits by the next generation of high performers.

We pride ourselves on our integration of technology to harness and analyse data to create the most bespoke and dynamic programs on the market. We work with a global network of the best testing facilities to gain the most in-depth insight of a plethora of health and fitness markers.

Coaches are an adjunct to your hectic lifestyle and available to live and travel with you, ensuring you are always thriving and ascending to your next level.From here we can ensure the 360° approach to optimising your health.

Ambitious, driven focussed men are training and moving in new, innovative and creative ways whilst nourishing themselves with proper, evidence-based nutritional practises.

You will be challenged and you will achieve decreased levels of fat, increased levels of leanness and benefit from a boat load of energy and feel more productive and focussed than ever. You will thrive with Holistic Motions.

Our Holistic Approach