Our Obsession

Hello, I’m Kemo, founder of Holistic Motions.

Over the years, all of my achievements, big or small, could not have occurred without the encouragement of a support network or coach; someone with a vested interest in helping me to ascend to something greater.

Tied to this, I realised very early on that health laid the important foundations for success. To fulfil my potential, exercise, nutrition and lifestyle needed to be focussed upon so that I could maintain the energy, focus and determination to keep overcoming challenges.

However, I quickly realised that the health and fitness industry was and still is limited in its approach. A stubborn focus on aesthetics, weights, cardio led people to restrict their movement capabilities and potential.

I sought to learn about exercise methods that were not just about lifting weights and making muscles bigger. I learned that much of what I had been taught about stretching, training the core, training for sports was just plain wrong.


A desire for many to seek quick unsustainable results through the next fad diet frustrated me. I learned that many nutrition “facts” were indeed fiction. I see on a daily basis, the influence of food corporations on a poorly informed population, who unknowingly make poor eating decisions.

I see the impact of stress and lack of sleep on diminishing one’s health, yet we engage in behaviours and activities that break us down more. I learned how to manage stress and at the very least, improve sleep quality.

By working in the industry, I saw that people were not being coached as individuals, but were been prescribed programs and approaches that worked for some, for a limited period.

I had to do something about this, so I created Holistic Motions. It’s about taking the best coaching practises, combined with the 3 core areas- Move, Nourish and Regenerate. The result? Enhanced energy levels, boosted productivity, supreme wellness and optimal body composition. For the long term.